The Return to Nicaragua

Well, everything earlier in this blog is from 2010 when we first went to Managua. But this week we are returning. We have a team of 8 will be going to El Solero Sports Center “The Salt Shaker” to play, work and learn. We meet at the airport late on Friday night and our flight is at 1am on the 9th. Subscribe to the blog to get reminders. Share the link with a friend and most importantly, pray that God uses us and teaches us. Thanks for your interest. Stay tuned.

Playing "football" on the basketball court.

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Pictures 8/3

Some pictures from Aug.3  Here.

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Some pictures from 8/2

Here is a link to some pictures from August 2.

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Some Pictures 8/1

A couple pictures from Sunday, August 1.

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Some Pictures 7/31

A few pictures from July 31…

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Mid-Day 3 1/2

Hi there! Today is the 4th day of our trip. Here are some of the things that happened today…

•Lots of lightning and thunder including heavy downpour of rain!

•Matt, Dan, and Andrew continued to lay bricks for the walkway that is being built.

•Gail and Tyler clipped and trimmed trees and bushes that were near the sports center

More later.

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Pictures and thoughts after Day 2

see some of our pictures here:

  • People playing soccer with no shoes.
  • While Andrew was leveling dirt, 4 kids watched him and they tried to make conversation.
  • Meghan and Kylie talked with Rosemary.
  • Our team hosted a clothing sale and many people came to buy used clothes.
  • People bought clothes for other people.
  • Tyler and others practiced their Spanish while talking to people.
  • Tyler that insv of clothes being for Woman and Men, he said Brothers and Sisters.
  • Dan got to talk with Victor, the night guard
    • Tyler wished her spanish was better so she could share in other’s lives
    • everyone worked hard and was very tired
    • tyler and megan attacked their fear of heights – painting the water tower
    • Meghan and Kylie enjoyed speaking with Roberta
    • Gail painted a spider blue
    • The spanish woman checking the size of the shoe by using her finger
    • Ilana surprised at how fast the shoes sold at the sale
    • Matt was encouraged at the baer women looking for more things to paint
    • Amanda, Halle, and Cathy have learned over the years how to best run clothing sales.
    • Next project might be digging out a swimming pool – ha ha
    • Harder to play soccer with some of the boys because of language
    • Shredded beef and rice for dinner
    • Everyone worked hard together
    • Devotional about how to love each other as a team so that others will see the love of God in each other – they will know we are christians by our love.
    • Prayer requests taken
    • tomorrow two people can share their testimonies to the group for practice.
    • Preparing for church tomorrow, then lunch at the food court at the mall.
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