Pictures and thoughts after Day 2

see some of our pictures here:

  • People playing soccer with no shoes.
  • While Andrew was leveling dirt, 4 kids watched him and they tried to make conversation.
  • Meghan and Kylie talked with Rosemary.
  • Our team hosted a clothing sale and many people came to buy used clothes.
  • People bought clothes for other people.
  • Tyler and others practiced their Spanish while talking to people.
  • Tyler that insv of clothes being for Woman and Men, he said Brothers and Sisters.
  • Dan got to talk with Victor, the night guard
    • Tyler wished her spanish was better so she could share in other’s lives
    • everyone worked hard and was very tired
    • tyler and megan attacked their fear of heights – painting the water tower
    • Meghan and Kylie enjoyed speaking with Roberta
    • Gail painted a spider blue
    • The spanish woman checking the size of the shoe by using her finger
    • Ilana surprised at how fast the shoes sold at the sale
    • Matt was encouraged at the baer women looking for more things to paint
    • Amanda, Halle, and Cathy have learned over the years how to best run clothing sales.
    • Next project might be digging out a swimming pool – ha ha
    • Harder to play soccer with some of the boys because of language
    • Shredded beef and rice for dinner
    • Everyone worked hard together
    • Devotional about how to love each other as a team so that others will see the love of God in each other – they will know we are christians by our love.
    • Prayer requests taken
    • tomorrow two people can share their testimonies to the group for practice.
    • Preparing for church tomorrow, then lunch at the food court at the mall.
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1 Response to Pictures and thoughts after Day 2

  1. Bennie Ingraham says:

    LOVE getting the updates! Keep them coming… Give big hugs to Amanda and family!!

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