A Few Notes from Day 1


 We met at San Francisco Airport yesterday at 10:10 P:M, and left on a plane to El Salvador at about 1:20. Most of us slept on the long seven and a half hour ride. We then got on a plane to Managua, went through customs, and met Amanda outside. The rest of the day we filled with sightseeing in Nicaragua, exploring where we were staying, and going to Canopy Tours to Zipline over a lake. So far in Managua, the weather is very hot compared to the bay area and very humid! At the airport, the weather said that the humidity level reached 85%.We look forward to the next few days of serving, while enjoying resting from a long day of travel today.

-Andrew (Osito-meaning Little Bear)

We are finally here! After a fun-filled first day, we are now relaxing in hammocks on the porch and enjoying a cool breeze and some lightning…with no rain! I think I speak for all of us when I say that I’m exhausted, but it’s a GREAT kind of exhausted! I am so excited for the upcoming week and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.


Today has been very exciting! The best part was starting of our arrival with a nice lunch in the air-conditioned library! Then we embarked on a fabulous tour of some historical landmarks around the city. As if our day couldn’t get any better, we made our way to the zipline! It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I cant wait for the rest of our adventures! God Bless


Please check back tomorrow for more info about our trip!

-The Team in Nicaragua

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We’ve arrived in Nicaragua safe and sound. Dan

Watch for updates on mppcnica.WordPress.com

Settled in tour of facility and Managua then zip line ride for most of us. Fun day. Looking forward to rest then clothing “sale” tomorrow AM.

Thanks for the prayers.


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Eight is Enough

Last minute change. One of our team members, Vielka, just had to bow out because her passport was lost. We will miss her but I’m reminded of Gideon. See Judges 7. Since we go with God, our eight will be enough. Pray that we will be a blessing to others. Thanks for following. Vamos con Dios.

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Pupusas and Printers and Pipes.

We met on Sunday night as a team to have dinner and our last meeting before flying south for Nicaragua.

Dan, Gail, Ilana, Meghan, Andrew, Kylie, Vielka, Tyler, Matthew

We met for dinner first at Amelia’s Restaurant in Redwood City for some great Central American Cuisine featuring pupusas and tamales. After enjoying the salsa and food we returned to the church to meet the Van Demans. They are the parents of Amanda Gutierrez who is one of the missionaries we will work closely with down in Managua. They answered questions and told us more about what to expect. We will also take a suitcase of supplies to their family and some other supplies to El Salero (the salt shaker) Ministry there.

One of the small ideas that we are excited to bring down there is a photo printer that we hope to buy and bring down to take pictures of the kids for them to keep. With a generous portion of art supplies that were donated we can make frames for the pictures and mount them on art sticks as handles. Pictures seem to be fun for kids from 3 to 23 (and above).

Lastly for this post, we were reminded at our meeting that we are to be conduits for God’s power and love. We are just the pipe. But we are the pipe that God uses to deliver his love, power, encouragement and blessings to other. While electricity and water exist without pipes, their most desired and common form is when they are delivered to us via pipe. May we be the pipe that brings blessings.


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T-7 days

A week from now we will be there. If the rest of the team is like me, they are also excited and overwhelmed as we approach the final week before departure. We are making lists, praying for people and details, starting our packing and wondering what we are forgetting. We’ll catch you up on the journey that has already started if you come back here in the next several days. For many of us, the journey has already begun. The actual flight out of the country is really just a physical confirmation of motion already underway. Stay tuned for team introductions…

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